First Day of Spring!

Happy First Day of Spring, Everyone! Time to refresh your home with some bright, colorful decor! Here are some ideas to brighten things up at your house this year.

Fill vases or apothecary jars with moss or grasses and top with faux bird eggs. Mix sizes and colors for an interesting effect. So simple and so beautiful!

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Grow your own living Easter grass! You can use wheat germ to grow your own grass for baskets, pots, vases, etc. Top off with colored eggs, flowers, or butterflies to brighten them up. You can find the tutorial here.

Photo from the Sweet Survival Blog
 Purchase large plastic eggs and faux hydrangea flowers. Hot glue to cover egg. Place on your favorite candlesticks at various heights. See the full tutorial here.

Photo from HGTV
Get personal! Make your own monogram initial with chipboard and moss. Add small spring blooms for an extra cheerful touch. You can see the full set of instructions here.


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