St. Patrick's Day Decor!

St. Patrick's day is Saturday, March 17th. It's time to put on your green and practice your Irish accent! We have some delightful green crafts for you to create and enjoy for this
glorious day o' green!

Button Rainbow Frame

Start with a white fabric, cut to fit your frame. Leave a little extra to tuck behind. Gather random buttons in different shades of red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. The more random the better! Pick different shapes and textures. Try to keep the sizes relatively close. Lightly sketch the shape of your rainbow on the cloth with a pencil. Try to make it large enough to fill the size of frame you selected. Then, if you're great at sewing, you can stitch each button along your sketch. If you'd rather, you can always hot glue it or use fabric glue. Then draw your cloud shape and the word "Lucky" lightly with a pencil. Use fabric paint or a sharpie to fill these in a color of your choice. Let dry completely. Remove glass and backing of your frame. Lay fabric over frame backing and stretch taught. You can either pin or glue it in place. Place the fabric-covered back into the frame. Voila!

Lucky Words Frame

Start with a white 8"x10" frame. Download the free printable here: on 8.5"x11" paper. Cut the paper down to 8"x10" and insert into frame. That's it! For an added touch, string various green pom poms on fishing line with a needle and drape over frame.

Pot o' Gold Candy Dish

You will need rainbow colored pipe cleaners, terra cotta pot, black paint, easter grass, gold foil wrapped candies. Paint the terra cotta pot with black paint- inside and out. Let dry completely. Take red, yellow, green, and blue pipe cleaner and line them up in the order you want. Use a spot of hot glue to attach the pipe cleaner inside the pot. When dry, fill with easter grass and gold foil wrapped candies.


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