2013 Home Design Trends

Looking to give your home decor a face-lift this year? We have the hottest trends for 2013 right here.
Here is a list of what to watch for in the coming year.


Everywhere you look this year, you are bound to see emerald. It has officially been named the color of the year in the fashion world and interior design. Put it on the walls or mix it in subtly with accents. You can't go wrong. Emerald is sure to energize your design and make things exciting. You can mix it with neutrals or blend it with brights.


Whether you go bold with new brass fixtures and faucets, or more subtle with accents or knick-knacks, the warm amber-tones of brass are sure to turn up the heat and coziness of your home.  


Yes, that's right- bleached wood. For so long we have loved the deep, rich dark woods on floors, furniture, cabinets, you name it. Now, for 2013, we are seeing bleached woods. Lighter floors and furniture using reclaimed wood in a variety of fashions.


Wrapped furniture can be wrapped in linens, grass cloth or fabric. It is often accented with nailheads. We began to see more painted furniture in 2012 and do not expect to see it slow down. You can pick a bright color to add interest to a room or go muted with texture for a classic look. We are also seeing more fabric and leather wrapped headboards and bedroom furniture.
No matter what you do with these trends, you're sure to be coined fashion-savvy in 2013. Experiment and enjoy!


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