Winterizing Your Home

The brutal winter is upon us! We have been experiencing extremely low temperatures, which can take a toll on our homes- not to mention our heating bills! Here are 5 simple solutions to keep your house warm and your wallet padded this season.

1. Tune-Up Your Furnace
 Although this may incur a small cost up front, it will quickly pay off. Have a professional ensure that your furnace is working properly and as efficiently as possible. This may include changing your filter or clearing it to prevent any blockage and improving air flow. Have them also check your duct work to be sure the air flow is as it should be and you do not have any leaks or kinks.

2. Change Directions On Your Ceiling Fan
Changing the speed and direction of your ceiling fan can actually keep you warmer in the winter.  Since heat rises, this blows the warm air downward. To reverse the direction of your ceiling fan, first switch the fan off and let it stop completely. Look for the small switch on the side of the motor casing and switch its position. When you turn the fan back on, it will rotate the other way.

3. Clear Gutters
Clearing your gutters from leaves and debris will ensure that water can drain from your roof properly. If there are objects obstructing the water's path, it can create a dam where ice can build up and be problematic.

4. Use Draft Stoppers
Draft stoppers are used under your door to block the threshold from allowing cold air in and warm air out. They come in all shapes and sizes and can be made from a variety of materials. They are particularly useful on doors where there is not carpeting on either side.

5. Install Black-Out Curtains
Black out curtains are curtains that are made from a thick material that does not let light or much air flow through. These curtains can help insulate your windows while keeping the cold out and the warmth in. They also come in a variety of colors, patterns and fabrics. They can even be added to the backs of your existing curtains.


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