4 Thanksgiving Table Decor Ideas

Thanksgiving is next week! It's time to finalize your menu and decide on your table decor. After all, you do want to impress your guests! Below are four simple decorations that will add a special touch to your Thanksgiving table this year:

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1. White Pumpkins
White pumpkins against an orange tablecloth is the perfect combination for a Fall table. Add some leaves and candles to complete the look. 

2. Printable Leaves
Printable leaves can be found on Pinterest or Etsy--or you can create your own. Hot glue them onto branches to form a unique centerpiece. 

3. Acorns
Fill glass vases with acorns and place a Fall-colored flower on top. 

4. Feathers
A combination of feathers and nuts will add a modern, trendy touch to your Thanksgiving table. 


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