4 tips to get your home ready for spring

Check out these 4 great ideas to get your home ready for spring:

1. Clean Rugs
To give your rug a fresh look, sprinkle a light layer of baking soda over it before vacuuming. If the day is especially nice outside, you can hang your rug on a strong clothesline for a nice spring scent. 

2. Outdoor Lighting
Change outdoor lighting so you have your patio fresh and ready for nights spent outside. You should also go through the interior of your home and dust off any light fixtures and replace any bulbs that are needing to be replaced.

3. Air Filters
Now is a great time to clean your air filters. Replace those that need to be thrown away and clean out any spots that have dust bunnies.

4. Clean Gutters
Gutters clogged with leaves and debris will back up when they fill with water. Start the spring off by cleaning your gutters to avoid having clogged gutters. 

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