4 DIY Summer Backyard Ideas-

1. Hula Hoop Tent
This Children's Hula Hoop Play Tent is a great way to create a fun space for your children to play.  
For the full tutorial for this DIY project, visit this link.

2. Rock Wall
Make your own backyard rockwall!
You can purchase these rock wall hand holds from Amazon.

3. Back Yard Scrabble
These Scrabble pieces can be made out of wood or cardboard.
Use Stakes connected by rope to keep the letters standing and easy to use.

4. Pallet Board Bed Swing
To make this swing bed you have to make a frame of pallets in the size of the mattress that you will be placing in it. After that drill holes in its four sides, pass ropes through them and tie knots at the under side of the frame. Hang it from a tree or any other suitable place.


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