4 Fun Pool Party Ideas

1. Balloons of different colors and sizes
Throwing balloons in the pool is a great idea for a pool party. 
For some extra fun, place glow sticks inside the balloons for a 'night time' party. They look spectacular!

2. Ping Pong Prize Toss
Throw ping pong balls into the pool. Mark several of them with a Sharpie Marker using stars, a picture of a fish, or the name of a prize. The children who find the "special balls", win the prizes.

3. Soda Bottle Sprinkler
Use an old soda bottle to make a wacky water sprinkler by poking holes into the bottle and filling it with water.

4. Fish (or Shark) Bait Party Favors
We love the idea of putting gummy worms into a cute bucket! This is a fun party favor the kids will love!


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