4 Easy Breakfast Recipes for Christmas Morning

Waking up early on Christmas morning is a common family tradition. Kids barrel through their presents, parents relax as all their hard work comes to fruition, and everyone experiences the wonderful feeling of just being together. Another fun tradition that we love on Christmas morning is preparing a delicious breakfast for the whole family! With all the hustle and bustle of the holidays, breakfast needs to be quick and easy. Casseroles, muffins, and pastries are all exceptional options that are fairly painless to make, and fill everyone up enough to last until Christmas dinner. Give yourself the gift of ease, and try out one of these four yummy breakfast recipes today!

1. French Toast Bites
For details on this recipe, visit Recipe Tin Eats.

2. Egg Muffin Cups
For details on this recipe, visit Show Me the Yummy.

3. Make-Ahead Breakfast Casserole
For details on this recipe, visit Sally's Baking Addiction.

4. White Chocolate Raspberry Scones
For details on this recipe, visit Chew Out Loud.


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